I love to bake but I rarely “cook”.  Majority of thing I can make is putting all ingredients together and put it inside the oven and bake.  I almost never use my pan (except when I pan frying spam or spam-like meat :P).  I am so surprise I am able to follow the simple steps and actually created a decent looking dish – grill sea scallops with lemon spinach risotto.

All the ingredients are neatly measured, chopped/cut, prepared by this soon open innovative kitchen: Indishpensable.   I went to a complimentary practice session and spent around 10 minute (probably even shorter if I was not chatting with old friends) to prepare two dishes in its the very clean, professional and comfortable kitchen.    I put together Pan-Seared Sea Scallops with Lemon Spinach Risotto and Baked baby back pork ribs with spicy potato salad.

I have to admit it was a bit intimidating to get started on risotto dish.  But when everything is so nicely prepared, it  really was not hard to make.  It is very rewarding to complete this dish!