Day 6 – Berlin


The bed was a bit too soft in my hotel.  Otherwise, it was restful night of sleep.  I probably still didn’t completely adjust to European timezone and still got up around 5am.  That’s not bad, I ended up watching “Home Improvement” in German.  The character in the show dubbed perfectly well in German =P  (especially Tim Allen)

I started the travel early at 7am.  The street was quite deserted.  I walked to the Zoo station from my hotel which took only 10 mins.  It was a little chilly with the wind but the day become quite warm as the sun really climbed up.   After purchasing 3 days city tour pass, I head to Postdam Plaz hoping to see a small section of Berlin wall.  That small section was really just 5/6 slab of wall used as exhibition to show the history of the wall.  I felt a bit cheated… what?  all i could see are the new huge shopping centre!?

Of course, you can’t go to Berlin without checking out its famous glass dome shape observation of the parliament building.  The line-up was already long for me but it just kept growing even longer after I finished my visit.   It is so amazingly pretty.  Both the glass dome itself and the view from there.

The rest of that day activity was a bit blurry now.  It was definitely a lot of walking.  The only thing I remember was by 3pm, I finally reaalize my two pages description from rough guide for the entire europe will not do the job.  So I stopped by “Berlin Story” to buy “top 10 berlin guide”.  That was really helpful.  I highly recommend this brand and style of guide for visit under 4 days.

Check out more picture from Berlin in my facebook album.

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