Day 4 – Budapest super condense sight-seeing

It was a restful night of sleep accompanied by CNN news (first time turn on a TV with language I can understand).

I started my morning early and got up at 6am, had my breakfast at 7am and check out of the hotel by 8am already.  Since this hotel was fully booked, I had to switch to a different place for the night.  Quiet surprisingly, I was able to check-in and even got my room by 9am in the other place.

My main goal for this Budapest trip was looking for the old HTC (Matav) Network Operation Centre building and sport club restaurant close to that place.  So I hopped on the tram and heading to that direction.  It was very easy to spot the Novotel I have stayed before.  But hotel surrounding is completely changed to a point that I couldn’t recognize.  Also my search for HTC fail because that company is not even around anymore it is changed to T-com (maybe that’s the the new name of deutsch telecom?!)

Anyway, I gave up and and headed off to do the typing sight-seeing.

First of all, I went back to take the oldest underground system of the central Europe.  I was surprised it was very crowded even it was around 10am during weekday.  But it still bring back nice memory.

Here are a couple really off the beaten path idea if u want to visit Budapest:
1) *walk* instead of driving or taking a bus across elizabeth bridge

2) after walking across, take tram 19 at station Dobrentei ter to end.  There is wonderfully pretty view on this ride without tourist.  Great view of the river without typical crowd.

At the end this tram ride, there is a nice view of the Parliament building.

Check out the full album from here

GEEE 2007 – Budapest

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