Since the reference of this movies had appeared on “Gilmore Girls” so many times, I just have to watch it.  So I borrow this DVD from the library today.  This is actually a very good movie.  This is the first time I watch Barbra Streisand older movies.  My image of Barbra is just from “Meet the Flockers”.  I was stunt by how beautiful Barbra was.  Robert Redford looked just like Brad Pitt too.
I love the music.  It is amazing how politically incorrect the scenes from this story has become when you watch it now.  I felt completely uncomfortable seeing Katie working almost like a maid in the radio station.   The scene that bothered me the most was a pregnant woman smoking and drinking.  That’s so unacceptable these day.
Never the less, this is a very good love story.  Still interesting even after so many years.  Feels funny to watch an old movie that was made before I was born and yet I actually like it…