Day 3 – Budapest

I was so surprised to find the shopping mall I once visited.  Not only that, the same pasta place I used to had dinner quite frequently was still there.  I can’t remember the quality remain the same as I already forgotten how it used to taste like.  Definitely tasted good this time.  A little spicy and very fresh with nice tiny chunks of bacon & ham in tomato sauce.

BTW, what’s up with asking 100ml of wine always gave me a double order?!  This happened both time I order wine.  Only one complain, why the price has tripled just like the price of the local transportation.  It used to be 600 Ft but now it is 2000 Ft.  And the 3 day pass for local transportation used to be a bit under 1000 Ft is now 3100 Ft.  How can local afford  such a high inflation?!

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