Day 3 – Budapest (Keleti pu Train Station)

I have been to Budapest many times before, but this was the first time I arrived at the train station.  Of course, this is absolutely different experience that the airport and driving through Austria border.  Looking out from the train into the station before I stepped out felt like I have gone back to main land China.  This feeling came even strong when I was immediately approached by a couple persons asking if I need taxi and an woman saying she need some help.
I definitely look mean.  I just ignored any person asking me any question and rush into the money exchange.  I probably shouldn’t rush as I had an extremely bad exchange rate.  As soon as I got some Hungarian Forint, I went to left luggage to store my big roll-able backpack and travel with just my day-pack and large carry bag with a couple days of clothes.
After I walked further away from train station and closer to metro station, I felt I have come back to a familiar place again.  I remembered all the major metro line, how to get around confidently without any problem.  Kind of strange as it was more that seven years since I last been in Budapest.  That felt nice!

New tram

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