My Anchor Hocking 8″ x 8″ baking dish just exploded

Luckily it was inside my oven, otherwise, it would have caused even more harm.  i was baking at 350F and for 5 mins switch up to 400F.  both temperatures are below the baking range.   after 35 mins of baking in 350, i check the temperature of my rib and notice is not hot enough. so i turn up the temperature just by a little to 400F for 5 mins and turn off the oven but leaving the oven door close.  then all of a sudden there were smoke coming out of the oven.  i did not hear any exploding sound but the glass broken into tiny piece all of the oven…
I own that glass bake-ware for less than one year and there absolutely not scratch on it.  I will definitely file complain about this…

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  1. Catherine Wong says:

    有 D 驚險喎~~

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