Caramel, brandy mousse with chocolate genoise base

Chocolate genoise is from “The simple art of perfect baking”.  The recipe is a bit strange, but this is one of the easiest genoise recipe to handle.  The following ingredients are for 8″ cake pan (the end product is about 1/2 thick.

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  1. Amanda says:

    3 oz semisweet chocolate (chopped finely)3 tbps ( 1.5 oz) unsalted butter1/3 cup (35 g) cake flour1 tbps granulate sugar2 large eggs2 yolks1/4 cup (50 g) granulate sugar 0. preheat oven to 350F1. butter and dust pan with AP flour2. melt chocolate + butter3. whip egg + yolk + sugar in large thick ceramic mixing bowl on top of a bigger bowl of hot water4. when egg mixture whipped to ribbon stage, fold in cake flour5. put 1/3 of batter to chocolate and fold to lighten the chocolate mixture6. pour chocolate mixture on the rest of the batter to fold (gently and quickly to avoid excessive air bubble lost) bake for 20 mins in 350F oven. The caramel mousse is just follow any baisc no-baking cheesecake recipe250 g caramel cream cheese250 g whipping cream + 2 tbps2 tbps brandy2 tbps icy cold water2 tps gelatin 1. whip cream to 60% done (has to be runny to have smooth mousse) and set aside2. sprinkle gelatin on icy cold water in small matal container3. beat cream cheese + brandy + 2 tbps of whipping cream until smooth4. set the gelatin mixture in small glass of hot water to melt5. while beat is on and mixing, pour in all gelatin at once6. finally pour in the whipping cream

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