Have to make something tasty tonight.. anway, before there here is the link the JTDS (latest release is already up to 1.1)  http://sourceforge.net/projects/jtds/

1.1  new features: 
o Configurable mapping of large types to LOBs or standard Java types 
o Extended scrollability and updatability options 
o byte[] to String conversions now generate hex values 
o Control over memory/disk buffering 
o Optimized handling of date/time values 
o Complete SQLException chaining 

1.0 new features
o Single Sign On (Windows authentication using the logged user’s credentials) 
o SSL secure communication support 
o Local named pipes (greatly improved local communication speed) 
o Paged fetching for cursor based ResultSets 
0.9 new features
o TDS 5.0 (Sybase 11 and 12) support 
o TDS 8.0 (SQL Server 2000) support. 
o Named pipes support. 
o SQL Server 2005 support. 
o Blob and Clob memory control. 
o Control over preparing statement calls with the prepareSql property. 
o Localized error messages support. 
o Automatic protocol detection for all versions except 4.2.