Promise! the last geek post for this week

Have to make something tasty tonight.. anway, before there here is the link the JTDS (latest release is already up to 1.1)

1.1  new features: 
o Configurable mapping of large types to LOBs or standard Java types 
o Extended scrollability and updatability options 
o byte[] to String conversions now generate hex values 
o Control over memory/disk buffering 
o Optimized handling of date/time values 
o Complete SQLException chaining 

1.0 new features
o Single Sign On (Windows authentication using the logged user’s credentials) 
o SSL secure communication support 
o Local named pipes (greatly improved local communication speed) 
o Paged fetching for cursor based ResultSets 
0.9 new features
o TDS 5.0 (Sybase 11 and 12) support 
o TDS 8.0 (SQL Server 2000) support. 
o Named pipes support. 
o SQL Server 2005 support. 
o Blob and Clob memory control. 
o Control over preparing statement calls with the prepareSql property. 
o Localized error messages support. 
o Automatic protocol detection for all versions except 4.2. 

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