Spreadsheet for cake

You must be a geek when you have a need to create a spreadsheet to check if I have used the correct proportion..   here are the summary for tip to chiffon success
  • use cake flour(not self-rising cake flour)
  • use super fine sugar for finest texture and max volume (ie. use caster sugar)
  • measure or weigh ingredients carefully (go by that spreadsheet)
  • don’t use oil contains silicate
  • egg whites must be free of even a trace of yolk and the bowl & beater must be spotless
  • don’t over beat egg whites
  • fold flour gently but thoroughly into he batter
  • use the correct pan size (too big, it will be too dry)
  • bake immediately after mixing (air air air)
  • check for accurate oven temperature
  • use correct baking time, don’t under bake
  • cool cake upside down, well elevated from the counter top in draft-free area
  • wrap cake well when cool (avoid dry out)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Eris says:

    Geek or food science student may use chart? hehee

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