More cake timbits (from the cake bible)


high baking temperature for sponge-type cake promotes a more rapid setting of batter and absorption of less water by the starch of the flour.  This results in a greater volume and a moister, more tender cake.  But above 350F, the crust of sponged-type cakes becomes over-browned.

sponge, chiffon and angel food cakes are all so light and spongy they require the added support of a tube pan for maximum volume and must hand upside down to stretch and keep from collapsing until cool enough for structure to set.  Coagulated egg whites are rubbery in the absence of fat, the extra amount of sugar is necessary to "tenderize" the cake.  There is a limit as to how much sugar can be added to a cake. Beyond a certain point, the sugar will actually prevent the batter from setting by raising the raising the coagulation temperature of the egg and limiting starch gelatinization

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