Lining Small Individual Form

  1. prepare the dough and roll the dough into rectangle 1/8 inches (3mm) thick.  If you are lining forms that are very small, roll the dough slightly thiner so that there will e room in the forms for filling.
  2. Stagger the forms, 1 to 2 inch apart in the approximate shape of the dough.  The taller the forms, the more space your need to leave between them, so the dough will line the sides.
  3. Roll the dough up on a dowel and unroll over the forms
  4. Push the forms together with your hands to create enough slack for the dough to fall into the forms without overstretching and breaking
  5. Dust the dough lightly with bread flour and, using a ball of dough about the same size as the inside of the forms gently pound the dough in place
  6. When all the air pockets are eliminated, roll the rolling pin over the forms to trim away the excess dough.  (You can also press down on the forms with palm of your hand o achieve the same result.)
  7. Place the finish forms on a sheet pan.  Bake as directed.

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