japan & china relationship…


normally i avoid politic in myblog,  but i feel very dearly to this subject…. 

thousands of Chinese demonstrators reportedly marched on the Japanese Consulate in Guangzhou and staged anti-Japanese demonstrations in Shenzhen, both in southern China. The demonstrations over the weekend were described by news media here as the biggest anti-Japanese protests in China since diplomatic relations between the two countries were normalized in 1972.

I strongly dis-agree japanese rewriting their textbook to down play their invasion to china.  That’s absolutely unacceptable because the younger generation will never know the truth.  You have to learn from mistake, by hiding that, you will never learn.  The last thing both chinese and japanese want to see is another war, another bloody invasion…

But that is no excuse to vandalize Japanese store and car with violent protests.  We all should be rational.  This kind of movement probably will not make young japanese learn about the wrong-doing from their past.  It is more likely to backfire.  There is more peaceful way to get the message across….

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