I don’t even know there is such a word.  Google the definition and found Ageism is discrimination against a person or group on the grounds of age (more detail)

That subject reminds me of a RTHK documentary (Caring For The Elderly  — 老 吾 老 以 及 人 之 老 ).  The statistics from that documentary shocks me.  In only 27 years 25% of HK population becomes age 65 or older.  In addition, HK now has less than 1% birth rate.  HK will definitely become "aged" society. 

It was sad to see HK lack of govement policy to setup any retirement program.  After working 20+ years in factory, a 75 years old woman was forced to retire with only a few thousand dollars as compensation.  HK would not have today’s success without the those hard working people. 

One funny side note, after watching that show in english version, I finally realize I have mis-understood the above chinese confucius saying for my own life.  I thought that meant "old me old" and "human is old" (yeah, that still does not mean anything , my tradition chinese language is very limited =P).  But it turns out it means "you should treat all old like your own older family member". 

Respect elderly not because they are and you’re told to respect old people.  Respect them because they just a member of the community (like any other people regardless of age).  That’s the strongest message I got from documentary


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