Sponge cake, genoise and chiffon cake ….


The are all airy light cake.. constantly getting mixed up.  I am in a mission to identify the difference, trying out all recipes and find out which type of the air light is the perfect cake. 

So far, here is what I found from baking911 which refers to huge cook book "The Cake Bible"…

Sponge: 4% liquid, 45% egg, 20% flour, 31% sugar, 0% fat
Genoise: 0% liquid, 46% egg, 23% flour, 23% sugar, 8% fat
Chiffon: 14% liquid, 35% egg, 18% flour, 24% sugar, 9% fat

Hum.. so what I think I’ve been making as "sponge cake" is actually chiffon cake.  That method so far is the lightest and moistest cake I can make. However, the limitation is I have to bake in angle food cake pan to get the best result.  Otherwise, it can’t achive enough rise.



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