scratchy childhood memory age (0 to 3)

Strange strange, I actually don’t remember anything concrete. age 0 to 3, this is before my brother was born.  i vaguely remember i spent quite a lot of time in my mom’s furniture store.  it was street store in shamshuipo (a old district in HK).  my grandma was also taking care of me when i grew older.

I also spent my daytime in day care from salvation army in Shek Kip Mei. everytime I hear “slavation army” instead thinking of the charity work and christmas kettle, i think of that as childhood prison. The thing I remember I hated about day care was the napping time.  I hated being told to sleep in a set time….

My favourite activity was watching tv. I already had a tutor back in that young age.  she was more like a friend that I gave her daily digested tv report than teaching me.  i think she was probably the only tutor I had in my life.

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